We Clean Carpets In All Areas Of The Wirral 

It doesn’t matter where in the Wirral you’re located we’ve got you covered, Eastham to West Kirby and Heswall to New Brighton and everything in-between, We fully re-pile your carpets as standard, this will rejuvenate your carpets back to almost new again, we provide free stain removal, all the the power comes from a generator that is built into the van. We can clean 3 carpets and stairs and landing in approximley one hour.

Our System

  1. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning  We park our van as close to your property as we can, preferably reel in a h on your driveway or directly outside your home. Connect our hoses to the generator in our van, this provides hot water to your carpets and allows us to give our clients the best carpet cleaning experience in town. We won’t use any of your water unlike other companies, when cleaning your carpets we won’t use your electricity either!
  2. Portable carpet cleaning is for clients that live in high-flats or perhaps when its impossible to park outside your property. Our operatives have to physically lift the portable machine out the back of the van and carry it to your property. This system isn’t as powerful as the truck mounted system but still does an excellent job.


Have you ever wondered what the prices were for cleaning a carpet on the Wirral? We also have a minimum call out fee of £50 for anywhere south of Ellesmere Port or Heswall, if you’ve had a little look at our price calculator and I’m assuming you probably have, if you’d like… lets say a rug cleaning and its only £25, unfortunately we’d need to charge you the minimum call out fee of £50, why not get two rugs the same size cleaned and everyone is happy.

Number #1 carpet cleaning company on the Wirral

Never content with just removing stubborn stains, dust-mites, doggy smells or pet hair:  We will always go that extra mile by re-piling (as in the video) your carpet, which rejuvenates the fibers and brings that extra life back into flat and tired carpets that have perhaps over-time started to wilt.  This means that your carpets can look and smell as good as new again, for a lot less than you may think.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Done Right!


The eco-friendly cleaning approach was once considered as an “alternative” or new age way of cleaning, now-a-days its considered an essential part of your day: Its healthier for you, your kids and your pets. If you’re interested in finding out more about what chemicals actually goes in to cleaning products, we have this wonderful article on our blog.

Whether you are cleaning in the home by yourself or just tiding up, maybe you’ve decide to get some furniture cleaned by an outside organization like us: id’ strongly urge you to go down the eco friendly route, We’ve been doing this for a long long time and by using a non chemical approach your health will benefit in the long-run.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Promise

Our bread and butter is carpet & upholstery cleaning whilst our pet stain removal is very popular too. All our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can have peace of mind. We are certified and insured for your safety, so give us a call today!

As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee: we guarantee to remove all dust-mite, fleas or any other bugs living in your carpets or your money back!, that includes upholstery or mattresses. Additionally, just ask us to move your sofas, chairs and coffee tables and we’ll do that absolutely free too.

If you have a pet in your home I’d certainly give us a call, not only does our steam generator produce temperatures of 230c we re-pile carpets too, re-piling is a machine that goes over your carpet before we clean it, this machine takes out all the hairs and all the dust that lurks deep inside the fibers of your carpets.

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