Why has your cat started urinating in your home.

Cats are very sensitive creatures when it comes to their surroundings, they love everyday routine and when that routine is broken it can cause your cat to become distressed, which causes the cat to urinate everywhere except it’s litter tray.

Today we are going to go over 5 ways to bring contentment back into their little environment and stop the peeing.

1. Have you started a new job

Has feeding time changed from say 9am to 7am, even this little change is going to upset and confuse your furry friend, in the research we have done this was a major factor in a cats behavior. 

2. New pets or strangers coming into the home. 

  • Have strangers been entering your home more than normal?
  • Do you have a new pet?
  • Is there a new rival for food?
  • Is there a new rival for attention?
  • Is the litter-box changed immediately after a number 2?
  • Are you playing with your cat? toys
  • Does your cat have a scratch post?

Completion from a rival as a cat sees it, could be that you’re showing more attention to another human, or another animal.

3.  Cleanliness in the home.

Cleaning the cats litter basket at least once a day and giving it a full scrub in the bath at least once a week, As mentioned before cats are very clean animals and want to do a number 1 and number 2 in a clean environment, always make sure the litter basket is in a discreet place but easily accessible, believe it or not but cats do like a little privacy too when do the business.

Cats are very clean animals and they expect the very least from there owners and the environment they live in.

4.  Does your cat have an ariel view of there domain?

In all the research we did this was by far the biggest factor for a cats change in behavior, cats love to see everything that is going on in the environment they live in, they are very territorial dominant.

  • Build a set of shelves that your cat can climb up
  • don’t put the cats bed on the floor
  • leave a set of ladder laying around

It comes from their instinct to protect their themselves, a high vantage point allows cats to feel protected and sleeping high up gives them that ariel advantage to sport dangers.

5. Your cat could be unwell

Sudden behavioral changes in cats is not unusual and can be prevented using some of the methods outlined above, however if exhausting all of the above tried and tested methods it maybe worth while taking you furry friend to the vets, medical problems could be an issues that unfortunately you cannot diagnose yourself.

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