Nylon Rugs: Tough, Durable And Practical Area Rugs

Nylon rug

Nylon rugs have long been lauded for their robustness, durability, and ease of maintenance. Made from synthetic nylon fibers, these rugs are particularly suited for high-traffic areas and households with lots of children or pets. They not only maintain their appearance over time but also withstand the rigors of everyday use. In this page we talk about the structure and durability of nylon rugs, If you have a nylon rug and would like to know our cleaning procedure then please read on. 

  • The first step in cleaning a nylon rug is to shake it outside your home, whether that be on your porch or back garden, we first place down a tarpaulin sheet so all the bits don’t go everywhere. This helps to dislodge any debris that may have accumulated within the rug. By doing this, we can eliminate most of the surface-level debris before carrying out a deeper clean.
  • Once the rug has been shaken, any stains present on the rug should be addressed. This is done by using several products we have accumulated over the last 27 years of carpet cleaning on the Wirral.
  • After treating the stains, the next step is to agitate the rug. This process involves delicately fluffing the fibers with a re-piling machine, this machine is crucial to the end product. By doing this, the rug will once again look fresh and rejuvenated, as if it were new.
  • To achieve a thorough clean, we implement hot water extraction from a built in generator that is mounted inside our vans. This method effectively removes any dirt from your rug,
  • Once the cleaning process is complete, it is essential to allow the rug to dry properly before returning it to its designated space. This can be done by air drying the rug in you back garden to speed up the drying process. 

If you have a nylon rug and live on the wirral then why not give Robbie the Wirral carpet cleaner a call on 0151 909 6251.

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