Carpet Cleaning Port sunlight

  Carpet Cleaning Service in Port Sunlight


Are you looking for a carpet cleaning company in Port Sunlight that you can trust? Look no further than the experts at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner! We are a local company based right here on the Wirral. with 25 years of carpet cleaning experience in the industry. We are the best choice for carpet cleaning in port Sunlight.

We offer free stain removal whether that be on your carpets, sofa, upholstery, mattress or rug and we’ll also do a carpet re-piling services all included in the quote, as well as a wide range of other affordable services.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we really are second to none!  We use the latest truck-mounted system and equipment to get your carpets looking and feeling like new again. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today to book a free consultation!

What are the benefits of using a professional carpet cleaning service?


One of the main benefits of using a professional carpet cleaning service is the quality of the job. Professional carpet cleaners like us are highly trained and adept at getting carpets looking their absolute best. When you use a Rug Doctor or VAX to clean it by yourself there is a big risk that you could cause permanant damage Additionally, professional carpet cleaning companies like the Wirral carpet cleaner are also able to deal with difficult stains such as pet stains and red wine stains. This is something that most amateur carpet cleaners would struggle with. Finally, professional carpet cleaning companies like us are usually insured, meaning if something becomes worse does or a carpet becomes damaged, they are liable.


How much for a professional carpet cleaning service?


Most companies won’t show you their prices, mostly plucking prices out od thin air, We on the other hand are completley transparent, we have a cost calculator on our prices we page or you can find us top ranking “carpet cleaning Wirral Price list! we offer deals an offers on many services, check out our price page!


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