The multi million dollar question we get asked every day is: Do we have bedbugs in our mattress? Unfortunately the answer isn’t as black and white as you might expect. The possibility that you have bedbugs in & around your bed is more probable.

1.) What are Bedbugs?
Everyone has heard of bedbugs but very few actually know what they really are! bed bugs are small brown insects that grow to around 4mm in size, although they can grow a little bigger if they eat.

2.) What do they eat?
Blood, and there is a fair chance that you have been the victim of a blood sucking bedbug in the past, as you can see from the picture they turn red after meals.

Bedbugs aren’t & shouldn’t get confused with Dust-Mites, bedbugs are much bigger than dust-mites.

3.) Can bed bugs fly?
Bedbugs can’t fly nor jump but they do scurrying along the ground quite quickly

4.) Where did Bedbugs come from?
Bedbugs originally came from the middle east and
There are two different types of bedbugs
Cimex Adjunctus, that lives under the wings of Bats and are mostly found in rural areas
Cimex Lectularius which is standard bedbug you’d generally have in your home.

5.) Where to locate bedbugs in your home?
Under your bed
Behind your headboard
Behind the buttons of your mattress
Behind the lifting straps of the mattress
The sides of your cushions on the sofa
Along the sides of the skirting boards of your carpets
Around the edges of rugs

6.) Are Bedbugs harmful?
Bedbugs aren’t harmful however some studies have concluded that you can contract Impetigo which is a contagious rash.

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