5 Tips To Get Your Reluctant Teenager To Actually Clean Their Bedroom



It’s no secret that getting teenagers to do anything can be difficult. When it comes to cleaning their bedrooms, you may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. But there are a few things you can do to make the process easier – and even get your teenager to actually enjoy it! 

Here are a few tips to get your reluctant teenager to actually clean their bedroom:

1. Create a flexible cleaning schedule

2. Set clear consequences and benefits

3. Help them understand the importance of a clean environment

4. Make it a team effort

5. Use the word bedbugs to instill some motivation!

Following these tips will help to make the cleaning process less of a chore for your teenager – and may even get them to enjoy it!


Understand why your teenager is reluctant to clean their bedroom.


Cleaning can be a task too many for teenagers, who may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clutter in their room or feel frustrated by the feeling that no matter how much they clean, the room is never truly clean. Additionally, teenagers are often very busy with activities outside of the house, school and studying, and managing competing priorities can be a challenge. Acknowledging the difficulty of this task can help parents to be more patient and understanding when it comes to asking their teenagers to clean. Parents should strive to have a dialogue with their teens about the cleaning process to gain better insight into why their teen is resisting the task. It could be that there is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed before the room can be clean. For example, the room may be too cluttered, and the teen has no idea where to start; or they may not know how to prioritize what needs to be done first. Showing empathy and listening to your teen’s feelings and concerns can go a long way in helping them to clean their room successfully.


Find a compromise that works for both of you.


Cleaning a bedroom can be daunting if you’re not use to doing it – and it’s important that your teenager knows that you understand and appreciate the effort required. Finding a compromise that works for both of you is key to having a successful cleaning session. You could offer to help your teen by tackling the most challenging tasks, such as sorting out clothes or vacuum-cleaning the carpet. Quid pro quo agreements work well in this situation: if your teen agrees to clean their room, you might suggest that you do the vacuuming or the dusting in exchange. Explain what each task involves, so that your teenager knows exactly what needs to be done. To make the process easier, you can also provide your teen with cleaning supplies or a vacuum cleaner that they can use to their liking. Involve your teen in the discussion to come up with ideas on how they can make the process go smoother. This is also a great opportunity to teach them the importance of staying organized and the value of having a clean and tidy environment.


Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it.


Creating a schedule can help to ensure that your teenager sticks to the plan. Schedules should include specific tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will take the guesswork out of the equation for your teen, making it easier for them to complete the tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Schedules should be flexible, however, as it is important to remember that teenagers have different obligations from those of an adult and may need extra time to complete their tasks. Having a routine that they can stick to is important as it allows them to get into the habit of cleaning and keep their bedroom organized in the long-term. You can also use incentives, such as a reward system or offering a day off from chores when tasks are completed on time. This will help them to feel motivated, as they can anticipate the reward in exchange for their efforts.


Make sure the bedroom is a comfortable place to be.


It is crucial that a teenager’s bedroom is an inviting and comfortable space to be in. This can be achieved by having functional furniture and adequate storage, so that the teenager can easily tidy away their belongings. Providing a comfortable chair for reading and studying materials, adding task lights, and keeping the room well-ventilated will make it more inviting. Also, making sure the bedroom is uncluttered should also be a priority – the less stuff there is in the room, the less your teen will have to clean. To avoid clutter from building up in the first place, put up simple organizational systems such as shelves, cabinets, wall hooks and basket bins. This will make it easier for your teen to keep the room neat and to quickly put away items when they are done using them.


Praise your teenager when they do a good job.


It’s important to give feedback and recognition when your teen does a good job. Positive reinforcement is key to motivating your teenager and keeping them engaged with the task of cleaning. Although praise is important, it’s also important to not be too negative when they don’t do a perfect job. Show them the value of having a clean and organized space, and provide support and guidance to help them get the job done right. More importantly, make sure that you provide your teen with ample downtime, so that they can have time to relax and enjoy their bedrooms. If a consistently clean environment is in place, it will also be less of a chore for them to maintain. Lastly, reward them when they complete the task in a timely manner, and recognize their efforts in a way that is meaningful to them.

Conclusion: Keeping a teenage bedroom clean may seem like an uphill battle, but with patience and the right strategies, it can be done! Encourage your teenager to take ownership of the task and have open communication about the cleaning process. Have patience and be supportive, and you’ll be on your way to having a clean and organized bedroom in no time!

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